On October 7, 2015 at the scientific-practical conference in Tahir Salahov's house-museum in Icheri Sheher, new aspect studies have been brought to the attention of the participants.about the Shirvanshahs Palace.

  • Divankhaneh - The Palace of the Shirvanshahs
  • Some notes about three Shirvanshahs of the century;
  • Islamic civilization monumental architecture in the archeological heritage of Azerbaijan;
  • Some documents related to the history of Baku monuments’ preservation;
  • History of coin rhinoceros in Shirvan during the Abbasids;
  • Seyid Yahya Shirvani's dynasty and tomb;
  • Shirvanshahs Palace, the historical residence of the Shirvan feudal state;
  • Constructive features of Shirvanshahs Palace buildings;
  • Medieval Shikhmazid Khanate;
  • Development of architecture in Shirvan (XV-XVI centuries);
  • Khan garden in Nardaran, coded elements and architecture of the Shirvanshahs Palace and “well” style;
  • Some features of military art in the Shirvanshahs state of Azerbaijan (IX-XI centuries);
  • The history of religious life in Shirvan;
  • The elements of humanism in architecture of the Shirvanshahs Palace Complex;
  • Shirvanshahs Palace-the place of truth and legends.

Scientific analytical considerations in these areas have been published in the scientific article format and traditionally published in the form of theses and scientific articles. It has been presented to many universities and central libraries of the country.