There are hundreds of monuments of historical significance in Icherisheher that are the carrier of the rich cultural and cultural heritage of Azerbaijan. One of these monuments is the Sirataghli Religious-Architectural Complex located to the north of the Maiden Tower. This monument, which called "Bazaar Square" until recently, was one of the country's most important monuments. The Sirataghli Religious-Architectural Complex was discovered by accident when the old houses were eroded around the Maiden Tower in the 60s of the 20th century. The Sirataghli monument was a sacred place of old religions for centuries in the territory of Azerbaijan.

The exposition of artistic stone art samples of the Icherisheher Historical museum, which was exhibited in the Sirataghli Archeological-Religious Architecture Complex, was again opened in March 2010. Here, Austrian specialists have carried out repair and design work in accordance with the requirements of modern museum exposition. The stone art is a highly developed application-decorative art field. In the Middle Ages, artistic stone art was widely used in architecture and gravestones. The master craftsmen - the carvings and the lineages enriched the monuments with the embroidery elements, along with artistic examples. The exposition presents a wide historical period starting with the Bronze Age.

The statues of the idolatry period are distinguished by its magnificence. There are pictures of the Albanian cross on the gravestones of the Christian era. The gravestones of the Islamic period are presented in the form of tombstones, shrines, rhinos and horse gravestones. Tombstones geometrical ornamental ornaments, decorated with various sophisticated compositions, demonstrated the sex of the deceased and what kind of profession they are. The Islamic tombstones are decorated with geometrical and floral ornamentals and content parts mentioned in the verses of Quran.