Because the basis of the attractive image of the territory of the old city is not only museums, monuments of history and architecture, but also small 2-3-storey cozy hotels with just a few rooms, and numerous cafes-restaurants where you can taste the vanished taste of rich national cuisine, and where "Chaykhana" will surprise you with the sacred ritual of tea drinking "tea purrangi", rooted in the depths of the centuries, also revered in other countries, such as Japan, England, China.
Here at every step you come across the culture of hospitality inherent in our people.
Icherisheher is a kind of outpost of the metropolis of the capital, where the tourist infrastructure offers to the guests along with brands and alternative little-known sights such as, for example, quarterly mosques. In themselves, the names of the quarters of the old town are of great interest: here are the "agshalvarlilar", and "gyamichilar", "Arabakchilar", "Hamamchilar", "seidlar" and even "juudlar Mehlesi".
Internal and external tourists, both individual and large, are also attracted to the opportunity to take photos on the phone in all the museums of Icheri Sheher.
There is no problem with the currency exchange - "exchange" offers its services in the main square "Gosha Gala Mejdany".
The old city has such a cultural potential, where the tourist is given the opportunity not only of visual perception, but also a deeper immersion in the atmosphere of the traditional environment.
Icherisheher is a unique place where at the turn of the century you can meet with three religions-fire worship, Islam and Christianity, where in the numismatics you can see the oldest coin ever found in the territory of Azerbaijan, numbering 5000 years, where every weekend there are fairs-sales naive art of creativity of outsiders - fine and decorative-applied.
In the "museum-preserve" the tendency is developing to collect not only artifacts, but also stories about them. Tourists are always interested in knowing the fate of people, homes, places where the "negative memories" of the tragic events are affected.
Icherisheher makes the first steps of expansion into world tourism, and we hope that after visiting the old city, you will return here again and again ...
The meeting place is here!