May 21, 2009

On the Dismantling of Satellite Dishes from the Facades of Buildings

The area improvement and renovation works implemented in Baku City, including the State Historical and Architectural Reserve "Icherisheher"; cleaning the facades of historic buildings; modernisation of parks and squares contribute to the improving of the overall appearance of our capital. At the same time, electric wiring, air conditioners, satellite dishes and other non-aesthetic constructions spoil the exterior of the buildings, distort their original apperance, lead to the closure of original ornaments and decorative elements.

Guiding by paragraphs 8.1, 8.7, 9.6 and 14.5 of the Statute of the Administration of the State Historical and Architectural reserve "Ichericheher" under the Cabinet of Ministers, of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in order to ensure a unified approach to the architectural and aesthetic appearance of the facades of buildings:

  1. Owners of satellite dishes installed on the facades of buildings, including balconies, located in the territory of Icherisheher, shall dismantle them within one month.
  2. Instruct the Director of Housing and Communal and Repairs Service E. Musayev:


2.1. within 5 days, to ensure that residents of Icherisheher and owners of non-residential premises equipped with satellite dishes, will be aware of this Order;


2.2. In case if the residents and owners (users) of non-residential premises do not abide by the requirement specified in paragraph 1 of this Order, to ensure, at the expense of internal resources, the dismounting of satellite dishes and their delivery to the owners under the act.
2.3. Costs incurred for each dismounting shall be calculated and collected from owners of satellite dishes;
2.4. Ensure daily control of the territory, take appropriate measure to prevent installation of any new structures on the facades of buildings.

  1. Control over the implementation of this Order shall be entrusted to the Head of the Department of Strategic Planning and Regulation S. Nuriyev.


Mikayil Jabbarov