The Mosque is located near the Shirvanshahs Palace Complex. According to a short epigraphic inscription on the façade, it was built by architect Haji Bani in the CVI century. It is centrally-domed in the plan. Opposite to the entrance is a megalithic masonry, stalactite tier mehrab. Another epigraphic inscription says that the mosque was rehabilitated in 1320 Anno Hegira (1902 -03). At that time reconstruction was undertaken, a vestibule and a special part intended for women (Shabiistan) were added. Double semi-circular windows provided double lighting for a prayer hall. During reconstruction of the mosque, its interior and exterior have preserved their traditional styles and motives. Expressive silhouette, construction on cubic foundation, representation of the Absheron-type spherical cone-shaped dome stone, nicely accentuating a downward corner of the street express specific features of local architecture.