At the scientific-practical conference held on December 26, 2016 in the Icherisheher State Reserve Department, the following scientific and historical research on Icheri Sheher was listened.

  • the Shirvanshahl Palace Complex;
  • Family and family life of Icheri Sheher;
  • archaeological excavations conducted in 2016 on "Boyuk Gala, 50" of Icheri Sheher;
  • Importance of Icherisheher monuments in promoting the history of Azerbaijan;
  • Selimkhanovs and history of Baku;
  • The evolution of medieval Shirvan-Absheron architecture in the form of Icheri Sheher;
  • History and purpose of Baku Maiden Tower;
  • Wall paintings of Icheri Sheher;
  • The role of Polish architects in the architectural history of Baku;
  • Some sources which are important in studying the history of the Icheri Sheher and Shirvanshahs Palace in the libraries of Russia, Europe and America;
  • Baku Khan Palace Complex.

These aspects have been widely discussed and debated. The conference materials were published and sent to the fund of scientific institutions.