On March 31, 2015, scientific-practical conference devoted to 1918-1920 genocide against Turkish-Muslim population was held in Quadrangular Tower, Icherisheher.

The following topics were addressed to the conference participants:

  • Armenian military units and their role in the March genocide in Baku;
  • Strengthening of international struggle for seizure of Baku oil and attempts to deprive Baku from Azerbaijan (October 1917 - July 1918);
  • The March tragedy, the result of the Armenian betrayal in Baku in 1918, the moral genocide committed by the Armenians against the Azerbaijani people;
  • March 1918 genocide in Shamakhi (documents, memoirs, witnesses);
  • Azerbaijani writers about the genocide committed by Armenians;
  • Dashnaks' genocide policy in Western Azerbaijan;
  • The genocide that we are facing in the light of the press "memory";
  • The concept of genocide: the genocide of Dashnak and Bolsheviks against Turkic-Muslims in historical research;
  • Armenian factor in Eastern Turkey and the South Caucasus: acts and truths;
  • Aga Yusif Dadashov, the general victim of the March massacre.

All the reports were published in the book "March 31 is the Day of Genocide of Azerbaijanis". This book was distributed to the Republic's important libraries.