Scientific-practical conference on "Capitals of Azerbaijan" was held in Tahir Salahov's house-museum in Icheri Sheher on November 21, 2014.

The following topics were addressed to the conference participants:

  • Capital cities of the Ilkhanate;
  • The ancient city of Gabala, the capital of Caucasian Albania and its archaeological excavations;
  • An important capital city Ancient Barda, which has an important place in the history of Azerbaijan;
  • Early urban culture in Azerbaijan (based on Nakhchivan materials);
  • Ancient Capital City: Shamakhi in sources and historical studies;
  • The 18th century city of Azerbaijan - Aghsu;
  • Attention towards monuments in the capital Baku;
  • The capital of the Karabakh khanate - Shusha;
  • Ancient Baku as the pearl of our national heritage;
  • Capitals of Azerbaijan and Silk Road;
  • The culture of Turkic people living in Caucasian Albania;
  • Archaeological and architectural monuments of Icheri Sheher, the capital of the Shirvanshahs, on the example of the Sheikh Tahir khanqah;
  • Icherisheher as a capital city in Muslim urbanization.

The text of the mentioned scientific-historical research has been reported. Collection of scientific articles and theses of the book "Capitals of Azerbaijan" was published and sent to various libraries of the Republic.