The results of archaeological excavations show that underground water supply system have been used  in Baku since 9th century. At that period, water wells provided  city’s water supply. In the XIV-XV centuries the water system was enhanced and improved gradually.

     According to the construction works a lot of  water wells were discovered. Water wells are conserved and maintained by the Icherisheher Administration. An interesting underground architectural building - a waterway was found around the  Maiden Tower, carefully drawn from pottery pipes. Currently, these water pipes belonging to the XII-XIII centuries are demonstrated at the Maiden Tower exposition. Most of the items found during archaeological excavations in the Icherisheher  territory are pottery and enameled wares. During the excavations works  other items made of iron, copper and glass, as well as a large number of copper coins were discovered. Currently, these archaeological finds are preserved in the fund of the Icherisheher Historical Museum.

The main responsibilities of Administration of the State Historical Architectural Reserve Icherisehehr are to preserve the architectural monuments,explore and  propogate cultural heritage to future generations as well as to develop tourism sector. The Reserve Department, following the protection regime, determines the recreational area, as well as conducts archeological rescue operations.   With an aim of investigate the history of ancient Baku, rescuing archaeological exploration is carried out   to explore monuments that have been left undetermined and have not been investigated yet. In recent years, significant  works have been done in the tourism infrastructure of Icherisheher. Two centuries ago, the ancient city of Baku, called Icheri Sheher, has now become a modern tourist center. Architectural monuments and historical sites which were investigated by the Reserve Department  are conserved and used for tourism purposes. Historical-architectural monuments discovered as a result of archaeological excavations in the area can be mentioned as an example.