Archaeological excavations sites within the Icherisheher have been museumized for maximum protection and development of open-air natural heritage. In 2011, conservation work was completed and the recreational area "Archaeological Park" was delivered to the guests. Passing through bridges and crossings the visitors of the ancient city can easily see the preserved buildings of the X-XIII centuries

Administration of State Historical-Architectural Reserve "Icheri Sheher" implements restoration and preservation works in the Icherisheher following the Master Plan prepared by a team of international experts team with UNESCO's organizational support.

On October 17-21, 2010, the Administration of the State Historical-Architectural Reserve Icherisheher held an international seminar on "Application of the Historic Town Landscape" approach in conservation and development of Icheri Sheher's heritage". Along with local experts, recognised international experts representing UNESCO World Heritage Center, including USA, Finland, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Britain, France, Poland, Austria, and Australia also participated in the seminar.

In addition, within the framework of the programme "Theoretical and Practical Basis  of Restoration" the Administration of the Reserve in cooperation the German company "Remmers" and Austrian "Atelier Erich Pummer GmbH"  organised 4 series of seminars aiming to increase the knowledge and skills of local specialists in the field of restoration and conservation. In the workshops, local conservation experts were informed on the experience of using modern methods and technology of restoration.

It should be noted that modern methods of restoration are used to ensure that the historical architectural monuments preserve their own identity and longevity.  Scientific studies are carried out on the parts or remains of many monuments, which have an important place in the territory of the area in terms of urban planning. As a result of scientific researches, a conservation expert restores the confirmed parts and achieves the original appearance of the object following correct identification based on the hypothesis (ideas reflecting personal assumptions) and analog (similar ideas). The main purpose of the reconstruction is to revive the ancient building and show the specific features of the monument.  The most effective means for presenting of this identity to the city's guests and the local people with modern techniques is the museumisation of the monuments. In Icherisheher the monuments are museumised in various ways depending on their value. And it is the main media which speaks about both the history of the city and the history of the era.

The monuments of the world value are museumised here and directly dedicated to the monument (Maiden Tower, Shirvanshahs Palace, Mohammed Mosque). Monuments of country value are partially museumised and turned into independent facilities according to their functions (caravanserais, mosques, and baths). Local value monuments are exposed to mixed museumisation and accommodate various type exposition complexes (in particular, in residential buildings of the XIX-XX centuries). The monuments and museums within Icherisheher serve the people and plays an important role in the shaping of social consciousness among the public as well as raising awareness of historical realities.

Icherisheher which opens its doors for visitors is developing as a museum of monuments.