When we look at the stage of development of Ancient Baku, we can see that this city has always been a source of spiritual culture as a result of the substitution of different religions and lifestyles since ancient times.

The spread of Islam in all the cities of Azerbaijan including Baku which was considered influential religious center of fire worshipping caused to build numerous religious architectural monuments such as mosques, taqiya ( sanctuary), mosque-schools and tombs in not so big city in the first half of the 7th century. Acquaintance with religious beliefs of population is necessary to realize their culture, art and worldview.

There is a mosque namely “Baylar” (which it means “lords”) which founded new architectural style among religious monuments near “Murad” Gate of the Shirvanshahs’s Palace Complex in the northeast of Icherisheher. There is a park owns distinctive design around mosque. Here you can get acquainted with the wall paintings based on the block motifs of Old Baku. Baylar Mosque, built in 1895, is a historical and architectural monument of local value. It was built by different lords of the city, therefore it called “Baylar”. The last mosque built in the territory of Icherisheher differs for the size of the hall and building structure from other religious monuments.

The constructive principles of Europe, the East and the local architecture were combined in this building. The upper part of the magnificent minaret was adorned with decorative elements typical to Western Europe. The general view of the hall was formed by three naves of basilica style (the hall is divided by columns into 3 parts) which are unique to the churches. The perfect masonry style and artistic masonry work were used skillfully in the portal and altar of the mosque. The architectural monument was built on the site of the ancient mosque and successfully entered the planning feature of the curved lined shaped street.

Restoration and conservation works were carried out by the Administration of State Historical-Architectural Reserve “Icherisheher” with involvement of Austrian renowned restorer expert Erich Pummer in Baylar Mosque. Icherisheher Centre for Traditional Arts attended at restoration works and decorated the doors and the windows with architectural elements in 2014-2015. As a result the mosque has turned into a museum and “Sacred Relics” exposition was created here. The exposition demonstrates the ancient Kuran books of various periods which are the sacred relics of Islam.

Our exposition displays 73 Kuran, 7 religious books, 19 religious attributes and 99 exhibits in general. The pages of the Kuran which were saved from fire by building in the wall by akhund (priest) of Darband mosque are significant exhibits of the exposition. Sacred relics collected from different regions of Azerbaijan were uncovered at the libraries exposed to fire and personal properties.

Here you will feel the love of mankind, which will bring you closer to man and time.