The Mosque is located on the main commercial road which changes its direction towards the Salyan Gate. An epigraphic inscription on façade indicates the name of the customer, Haji Amirshah Yaqub oglu. Another inscription says that the Mosque was restored by Agha Qafar Haji Murad oglu. The main inscription indicates that the Mosque was built in hegira 818 (1415 -16 ) in times of Sultan Sheyh Ibrahim. Therefore, people gave it the name of Sheyh Ibrahim. The Mosque is four-cornered and is covered with a pointed stone cupola. While a mehrab is to be at a traditional sidewall, it is placed on a lengthwise wall. In the XIX century the surface of mosque façade wall was divided into three quadrangle frames and thus the façade had got the European architectural style. In each frame a window ending with aperture /slot was placed, the entrance was made in the form of a portal. Preserving the ancient content of national architectural monuments, local and European motifs are combined on the single architectural platform.