On November 4, 2016, Scientific-Practical Conference dedicated to the scientific work of Mashadixanim Nemat, the leading epigraph scientist of Azerbaijan's history, was held at the Icherisheher Reserve Department.

The following topics were addressed to the conference participants:

  • Stone pages of Baku history, language of written monuments;
  • About the inscription of Baku Maiden Tower;
  • Mashadixanim Nemat - the benefit of the epigraphy science of Azerbaijan;
  • The scientist who made the stones speak;
  • Azerbaijan's first epigraphist scientist;
  • The role of Sufism in the epigraphic work Mashadixanim Nematova;
  • Study of Barda history and Mashadihanim Nemat;
  • Azerbaijani scientists: Meshadihanim Nemat and the world of inscriptions;
  • Epigraphic monuments of Guba and Derbend regions in the scientific activity of Mashadixanim Nemat;
  • The inscriptions of Nakhchivan's historical monuments are in the study of Meshelkhanim Nemet.

The conference materials were printed in the form of a book.